Our handmade quillows are a perfect addition to your car, boat, RV, cabin or anywhere in your home that a quilt, pillow, or cushion would be handy. Constructed with high quality machine washable fabric and thicker batting inside make them softer and more comfortable than any quillows you”ll find! They are thicker than most, so an additional strip of fabric is added on the pocket that makes the quilt easier to fold away into a pillow and adds durability to the pocket.

Full size quillows:
Pillow size: approx. 20 inches / 51 cm
Quilt size: approx. 42″ x 67″ / 107cm x 170cm
Batting: 10 oz.

Baby quillows:
Quilt size: approx. 36″ x 40″ / 91cm x 101cm